Take a listen to this week’s podcast on how to revise for IB exams. We all get nervous before the November or May exams and unfortunately go into stress-mode! A targeted, planned approach is the most effective way to exam revision just months or weeks before the finals exams.

In Podcast #2, I share some really simple tips and advice on how to best use and leverage the limited pre-exam study time to obtain the maximum possible benefit to your grades.

Podcast topics

In this week’s podcast, I take a look at the following topics:

  • Using the subject syllabus
  • Understanding your weaknesses
  • Importance of cycling between theory and practical problems
  • Mind maps as a great revision tool

To all those listening to my unflattering voice, let me know in the Forums or the comments below what topics you want me to cover in my podcasts for the coming weeks!

Listen now!